Website Development Process

Website Development Process



Icon 01Analysis is the process of gathering and comparing information about the web and its operation and use in order to improve the web’s overall quality and to identify problem areas.

for this phase you jst need to fill a from to us .and Request For Quote , than we will communicate with you by email or skype or phone to understand your requirement.




Icon 02Based on the requirement .we will plan your web application and provide you the project proposal with price and time duration to build the project.






Icon 03Design is the first impression to your client , when they enter in your site . They should say “Wow its amazing ” So it should be creative and eye-catching , The creative design includes the visual elements of the project, such as logo design and page designs. The main page designs for the site are used as templates for other pages within the website.In short design phase will produce “.psd” files that will be passed to CSS technician for slicing.

We’ll work together to define a vision for your new site’s design. After you’ve approved a Design Document, we work to create an attractive website design specifically focused on helping your company achieve its online goals. Revision rounds ensure your complete satisfaction.

HTML Generation/CSS/Slicing

HTML Generation/CSS/Slicing means convert Design (.psd ) file to browser compatible language its Html + CSS, This process require slicing the psd and convert it to HTML – a set of the element which is recognized by the browser + CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) which contain rule of the styling like color . Font size of text etc ,and also images , javascript is part of this phase. In short it become psd to layered element so its viewable at browser.


In this phase it will involve database development , programming . design are linked through html script by the programmer. Many type of database like Mysql , Sql , Oracle , postgre sql and programming language like PHP , JAVA , ASP .NET , ASP etc. Used to complete this phase.once this phase is done . Site is ready for the content implementation

STEP 4 – Testing and Delivery


Icon 04Testing is phase where tester and programmer come together and tester test project and possibly problem will be sent to programming Department and they will resolve problem and tester again start test from start. until it become 100% bug free.

Your completed website is presented to you for review and testing. You’ll inform us of any tweaks or changes you’d like made. The site is polished and refined until you are completely, 100% satisfied.and your site will be launched .

STEP 5 – Maintenance

we can say project Development is over but One way to bring repeat visitors to your site is to offer new content or products on a regular basis. and also require some regular changes of the site working style and design .for this we can help you , you can hire us hourly we can provide a Developer or Designer based on the requirement and they will provide you the regular update to your site .


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