How to design creative ?


Now a day , website is essential need for any bussiness. if website is good respect to design and UI. than it can earn million customers.

before to start the design part of any website . you should check some point with your designer.

What new in jquery 3.0

In jQuery 3.0 , Following new upgradation taken place

bind(), unbind(), delegate() and undelegate() methods departed

jQuery.parseJSON deprecated

In jQuery.ajaxRemoved special-case Deferred methods

.load(), .unload(), and .error() methods removed

context, support and selector properties removed

Bitpay (Bitcoin) payment module for Modified Online Shop ( xt:commerce )

Bitpay (Bitcoin) payment module for Modified Online Shop ( xt:commerce )

if you want to use Bitpay and like to accept Bitcoins than here is the solution you can use our plugin for  bitpay payment gateway.

bitpay module support multi lang.


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Website Development Process


Analysis is the process of gathering and comparing information about the web and its operation and use in order to improve the web’s overall quality and to identify problem areas.

for this phase you jst need to fill a from to us .and Request For Quote , than we will communicate with you by email or skype […]